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The Flying Pig Academy

"Together we must learn to live together as brothers
or together we will be forced to perish as fools."

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., "Chaos or Community?"



The Flying Pig Academy puts useful tools and unexpected wisdom — culled from over thirteen years of bridge-building experience — into your hands. And we don't just tell you about it, we show you. Learn more about The Flying Pig Academy here.


What if it were easier to address deep cultural division than we thought? The Flying Pig Newsletter shares insights from 13 years of gathering people in community across color, creed and ideology. You can subscribe from the link below.


What people are saying about us

Jonathan Haidt_0_8_bw

"Minds are very hard things to open, and the best way to open the mind is through the heart. The Village Square takes the right approach: they get people together, often over food, for the kinds of social interactions that foster the mutual recognition of everyone’s decency and sincerity."

Dr. Jonathan Haidt

Author, The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided By Politics and Religion

Andrew Gillum_0_8_bw

"Any community that wants to improve the state of public discourse and build a sense of community at the same time should work to create a responsible ‘public square.’ It is civic malpractice not to have a Village Square!”

Andrew Gillum

Democratic Candidate for Governor of Florida
Mayor of Tallahassee

Jim Leach_0_8_bw

"Village Square is unique in the country. So Tallahassee is producing a model for the land."

Jim Leach

NEH Chairman

flying pig testimonial

"They said I couldn't do it, but I did, thanks to the great people at The Village Square and The Flying Pig Academy. Oink. Oink."

The Flying Pig

Herald of the Impossible